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Management Trainee Programme

The EHBSCM Management Trainee Programme is geared towards developing high potential individuals as future leaders in various aspects of the business.

A great platform to learn and grow professionally with exposure to different roles and opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds


Understand the route-to-market and sales fundamental across trade, channels, categories and learn how strategies are defined to address current shopper and consumer trends in the market to support category and business growth

Clay Vase


Experience the function that drives the company’s long-term profitable growth through strategic decision making; work closely with the different businesses and support functions to achieve business goals.

Wooden Stool


Be part of the team that ensures the supply of high quality materials, services and products at a competitive price, and maximizing the value for profitability through our ability to invest in cost savings and growth initiatives, with agility in the changing landscape of consumers trends and supply networks.

Interior Decorations


Build your engineering fundamentals through hands on experience in the areas of general engineering, industrial services, electrical and automation and develop project management skills leading to production plant engineering management.



Develop your foundation in manufacturing management through hands on participation in production and processing line management building your capability in people, quality, safety & health, along with maintenance and improvement management.



Build your brand management fundamentals through effective consumer targeting, new product development, consumer insight understanding, impactful creative communication and marketing strategies in developing a successful brand

Dry Plants

Human Resources

Be a part of the team that drives people strategies to recruit and develop talents, support business achieve and implement business agenda and provide coaching and guidance to grow leadership and functional skills in a corporate and manufacturing environment.

Minerals and Stones

Supply Chain

Be a part of the value chain that manages product delivery to retail shelves, ensuring they are planned, produced and delivered in full, on time, in fresh condition through timely demand and supply planning, strategic procurement, warehouse using and transportation.

Ceramic Cup

Quality Assurance

Understand the end-to-end Farm to Fork, Raw Materials to Finished Goods Quality Management System and develop skills on Good Manufacturing Practices, quality control parameters and risk assessment in a manufacturing environment to deliver quality product

Ceramic Bowls
  • Training is for organizations only.
  • Training takes place in Russian and English.
  • The program is adaptable and takes into account the industry and business of the company.
  • The training time is 12 months.
  • Each stage is 5 days of face-to-face meetings.
  • Participants carry out a development or process optimization project for their area of work.
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+ 7 (812) 923 77 06

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“If you get the design of a product correctly, you don’t have to recalls and modify it. By innovating, we create a company that gets it right the first time, rather than trying to figure it out later"

Doctor of Economics,



Corporate finance and investment solutions. Experience in supporting management and leadership by providing insight, analysis and financial results for review.



Phone: +7.911.923.77.06


  • Diploma, International Accounting Standards (IAS), Institute of Financial Accountants, United Kingdom, England, Kent

  • Diploma, МВА, Direction D`entreprise, GROUPE ESIDEC, Metz, France

  • Certificate, Manager’s training programme, Stockholm University School of Business, Sweden

  • Master of Arts, Organizational and personal change management, process, plans and business development tips, School of Business, University of Manchester, England



  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, SEB, East European banking department, Stockholm, Sweden. Associate to SEB Corporate Finance  

  • EHBSCM. Senior Manager

  • Ernst & Young, EY. Manager

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